The F Factors?

​The idea for the F Factors began years ago on a flight from London to New York, .

​I can be a bit of a talker on flights, however you may be pleased to know that I do look for the signs that my travelling companion is not up for conversation.  The 'please, please don't talk to me' clues (in no particular order) are:

  • ​looking out the window
  • ​headphones go on
  • book or magazine opens
  • eye contact avoided

​and, for those good at picking up more subtle clues, there is a general atmosphere of 'I am on this plane alone, and would like to keep it that way!'

​The young man in the adjacent seat seemed woebegone. There was a sadness hanging in the air around him.  I couldn't help myself.  I had to check was he was OK. (I'm a classic rescuer, and extrovert!)

There was a sad story. A personal tale of loss and grief that he shared high above the world.

I can't tell you why I thought it was my place in the upper atmosphere to make him laugh.

"Women over complicate ​men", I stated, for no particular reason.

He looked puzzled.

​"I think women look (and find) problems that, for men, don’t exist.  From cleaning regimes through to cupboards full of shoes.  Men find women ​fascinating ​but complicated and wish they would keep it simple.  Women are complex and think men must be too - and need fixing."

​My melancholy companion agreed and proposed that men only a few interests to keep ​them content and wonder why all the fuss has to happen.

I proposed that men only need four (4) passions/activities to keep them happy and they all start with "F"

Football, ​Fermented beverages, ​Fun and the obvious forever F.

He laughed!

We agreed that five (5) hobbies or passions would be a stretch and add complications and stress to male lives which they would rather avoid.

​"Ah", he said, "but not all men have the same four (4) passions."

​For hours we discussed the merits of each of the possible hobbies, passions and proclivities of the F Factors of the male of our species.

The idea of a blog, app or book germinated for years.

Finally, with the advent of cheap hosting plans, domain names, and social media The F Factors is born.

Beginning with a blog, a store and then an app - The F Factors will explore the male lifestyle and the ​feasibility of the female (or perhaps another male) to find those lifestyles and preferences acceptable over a long term relationship.

Why?  I've been married since the dawn of time and experienced and observed many relationships.  How they work - or don't.

Disclaimer:  All blogs and other material on this site are opinion only and should be taken as a humorous look at relationships, with no ill intent.  If you, as reader, find yourself offended at any point, just find another website more to your taste - there's so much out there that will support your opinion.