The foundations of male happiness


As a female well past her prime, I feel that it’s time I shared my theory on the happiness of men.  This theory has been developed from my observations of men gathered over 40 years of marriage, work and adult social life.  Men have simple needs and wonder why we women don’t follow their example of avoiding complications at all costs.

All my research suggests that for a man to be happy, or at the very least content, he needs four (4) or five (5) amusements.  Strangely, it appears they all begin with ‘F’. 

  • ​Food (eating)
  • ​Fun
  • ​Fast cars
  • ​Football

​A pretty common set of male interests.  But not all males are the same. Another combination might be:

  • ​Fermented beverages
  • ​Food (cooking)
  • ​Fiscal freedom
  • ​Fitness (anything from bicycles to bungee jumping)

or perhaps.....

​Fixing things

​but don’t ask when it will be finished

​Fine arts

​pursuits such as photography, music, woodwork, restorations, theatre, painting, philosophy

​Free time

​“doing nothing” - and they really mean it

There is one more very popular item – which has slipped my mind.  However, I do remember that it has to be regular and not too fancy.

PS - Apparently there are also men whose list includes fighting, fists, firearms obsession and full control – fortunately they are rare and I, thankfully, don’t know any.

Have I missed any?

I sure have. Check out more posts coming soon

Welcome to The F Factors

The first post is the hardest. Where do I start?

Starting a blog, a novel, a speech, an essay, a relationship is not easy. The first words are crucial – first impressions count. Do I be myself? Do I try to sound intelligent through the use of ‘big’ words or concentrate on filling the space with light banter? Will I be taken seriously? Too seriously?

The F Factors is a work in progress, a figurative fight to get the words to play their role in getting my message out there. Finding the flavour of the content, the focus of intent, the fanciful or the fearless. Only the future will tell if the effort was worth the time.

More soon. The F Factors and finding fabulous.

Sophie Mitchell